Christine Koch (b. 1959)


Christine Koch was born in Alberta. She has a BFA and BA from the University of Alberta and an MA from the University of Toronto. Her work has been exhibited widely across Canada. She currently works and lives in St John’s and Woody Point, Newfoundland. Her work is represented in numerous collections, including the Government of Canada, The Canada Council Art Bank, the Fogg Art Museum (Harvard University Art Museum), the Glenbow Museum and the Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador,

Jeff’s mother, Ann, was born in Woody Point, NF on July 15, 1926. On July 15, 2012 Jeff and Carolyn took her to Woody Point where they had an 86th birthday lunch at the Loft Restaurant. On the walls of the restaurant were framed Christine Koch prints including including Tablelands Dreaming 2012. We later discovered that Koch has a summer studio in Woody Point.

While waiting for the meal to arrive Jeff and Ann walked around the Loft and looked at the many Koch prints on the walls. Ann was particularly taken by Tablelands Dreaming. She said that she found the image of Woody Point (without the town) with all of the stars very compelling. It spoke to her. There was talk of buying it but logistics dictated not. Koch has a summer studio in Woody Point.

In February of 2013 Ann died but not before approving of Jeff’s plan to purchase in her honour three different versions (this is what is sometimes known as a varied edition-each linocut print differs from the next in colour and painted background) of Tablelands Dreaming; one for Jeff and one for each of his brothers. The evening before her funeral Jeff gave each of his brothers his framed prints and now the star studded prints of our mother’s birthplace that spoke to her speak to us every day.

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Tablelands Dreaming 2012
83/200 V/E Mixed-media linocut
10 × 22 in (25.4 × 55.9 cm)
Printed at Open Studio, Toronto
Provenance: Purchased from the Artist