Barbara Milne (b. 1956)


Barbara Milne is a Calgary painter. She has a BFA from the York University in Toronto. Christine Sowiak writes, “The paintings are seductive – textured and layered images where delicate skeins of colour build to the density of details or evaporate to nuanced atmosphere. Almost all are landscapes, rendered in such a way as to skip back and forth between the solid and the fleeting, as if no one scene will ever quite materialize or become solid enough to name. These worlds, these elusive vistas live on the edge of our vision, scattering when we try to fix our gaze directly upon them. Like words slipping just off the tip of our tongue, we are almost in these places and yet they avoid our grasp.” Her work can be found in numerous public and private collections including the the Glenbow Museum and the University of Calgary.

Milne’s work is wonderful to live with. As the light changes during the day or the season so do the images in the paintings. Gate is in the Poole Lawyer boardroom. It is from a series Milne did during an English sabbatical she took with her master printmaker husband Bill Laing. Three was the image on the invitation to the same show at the Paul Kuhn Gallery.

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Border III, 1992
Oil on Panel
42 x 42 in (106.5 x106.5 cm)
Provenance: Paul Kuhn Gallery

Gate, 1988
Oil on Panel
30 x 80 in (76 x 203 cm)
Provenance: Paul Kuhn Gallery

Three, 1988
Oil on Canvas
24 x 24 in (61 x 61 cm)
Provenance: Paul Kuhn Gallery