The Case of the Missing College Fund

Mr. and Mrs. B are immigrants to Canada. They came to Canada to make a better life for themselves and their daughter F. With hard work and sacrifice they had saved up a substantial nest egg which they planned to use to send F to university. F was then 17 years of age. They were […]

The Case of the Lost Ostriches

T agreed to go into the ostrich farm business with two brothers. They hired lawyer H to be their lawyer to purchase the land where they would operate the farm. They got financing from a financial institution. The financing was conditional on T securing the loan with three ostriches he owned. Lawyer H was a […]

The Case of the Conflicted Lawyer

My client S is an immigrant. He has built a successful business. His long time lawyer E approached him and offered him an opportunity to invest in a first mortgage to be registered against a real estate project which the lawyer described as short term and safe. The lawyer said he would draft all of […]