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My priority when I entered law school was to practice in a field which allowed me to help people who were facing significant challenges and where there was an imbalance of power. At Poole Lawyers, we specialize in malpractice in the legal profession; we also offer services in other areas of professional malpractice and complex civil and commercial litigation.

Most people have little knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding professionals. The public is unaware of what they are owed and what they should expect in terms of the level of diligence, time, and costs. They must rely on the expertise of the professional they have engaged to do the right thing for them. It can be challenging to find out whether the standard of care has been met.

When people feel they have not been served, the team at Poole Lawyers provides an empathetic and holistic approach to help them understand their options. We work with our clients to determine whether to move forward with a claim for malpractice. If it is in our clients’ best interests, we will file a claim and help them get justice.

I feel fortunate to practice law with Poole Lawyers because we are helping people at a disadvantage. We are the last hope for some people for getting something out of what has been a difficult ordeal and had a big impact on their lives.

Before I started my journey to becoming a lawyer I was studying towards a Bachelor of Science. My work volunteering for elections prompted me to switch into a legal route. While I studied, I worked as a court runner and learned a great deal about the legal profession. While in law school I volunteered at Campus Legal Services where I was able to help students with legal issues.

When I am not working, I spend time with my wife and my two dogs and enjoy fitness and cooking.


2020 – present — Worked at Poole Lawyers gaining extensive experience in civil litigation and professional negligence. I worked on complex files that covered many areas of law.

2019 — Worked as a Winter Legal Student at Shory Law where I worked on files with both immigration and criminal considerations.

2018 – 2020 — Volunteered at Campus Legal Services through Pro Bono Students Canada where I handled residential tenancy disputes.

2017 – 2019 — Worked as a Court Runner / Legal Search Clerk at Eldor-Wal Registrations where I filed documents at the Federal Court, Alberta Court of Appeal, The Court of Queen’s Bench, The Provincial Court, and at Master’s Chambers in Calgary. I reviewed legal documents and searches to make sure they had been properly prepared and submitted.

2008, 2011, 2015 – Volunteered for Federal Elections

2022 – Joined Poole Lawyers as an Associate Lawyer

2022 – Admitted to the Law Society of Alberta


2021 — Juris Doctor – University of Saskatchewan College of Law

2013 – 2017 — Bachelor of Arts – Law & Society, University of Calgary

2011 – 2013 — Bachelor of Science – Biology, University of Saskatchewan