Jeffrey D. Poole

I was admitted to the Alberta Bar on August 19, 1981, a day I remember distinctly because it was one of the greatest days of my life. In Alberta every […]

David W. Johnson

I chose a career in law based on a belief that people who need help should be able to find it. I have a strong humanitarian interest in the law’s […]

Hussein Ghandour

I find the work we engage in at Poole Lawyers is rewarding because of the complexity of the issues we take on. I am lucky to work in a collaborative […]

Avneet Dhillon

My priority when I entered law school was to practice in a field which allowed me to help people who were facing significant challenges and where there was an imbalance […]

Rhys Martin

As my mother was a lawyer, I’ve always been exposed to the legal field and had an interest in it. I was also drawn to the practice of law in […]