The Case of the Missing College Fund

Mr. and Mrs. B are immigrants to Canada. They came to Canada to make a better life for themselves and their daughter F. With hard work and sacrifice they had saved up a substantial nest egg which they planned to use to send F to university. F was then 17 years of age.

They were approached by a family friend who told them that there was an opportunity to loan their money safely and earn over 20% interest. Mr. and Mrs. B decided that they should make sure the investment was safe by getting legal advice from P, a Calgary lawyer.

Mr. and Mrs. B and F met with representatives of the corporate borrower and P in P’s office. They received assurances from P that the security for the loan was guaranteed. The borrower subsequently went into receivership and the B family discovered that there was no security for the loan. It looked like F’s college fund was lost.
I negotiated a settlement with the law society insurer. The P family is relieved and F is now a student at the University of Calgary.

What the P Family has to say about Jeff Poole:

“Jeff displayed a sincere concern for our interests and provided us, not only with the best course of action, but also with support during a difficult situation. He worked diligently and effectively to help expedite the process and relieve us of our burden. Jeff continues to offer both personal and professional advice regardless of his busy schedule.”