What We Do


We bring to our clients:

  • A holistic approach to our work. We partner and collaborate with our clients, with the goal of finding the best possible solution while keeping in mind the client’s financial, physical and emotional well-being.
  • A high level of emotional intelligence. We don’t simply offer advice. We listen deeply to connect personally as well as professionally with clients, and to build a relationship with each client based on mutual understanding and respect.
  • Our promise to provide the highest quality of legal representation, impeccable comprehension of the law, and sound legal counsel with a passionate interest in each case.

Once we agree to work with a client, we review their file in detail. This includes determining whether the legal complaint is part of a larger legal set of issues that require consideration.

We then meet with the client to:

  • Learn more about the particular complaint
  • Determine whether we can work together to resolve it
  • Ensure that the client understands the personal and financial costs involved in litigation of this nature.

Our services for clients include:

  • Education
  • Legal advice
  • Litigation
  • General legal work


We get dozens of calls every month from people who have a legal malpractice complaint about their lawyer. We also get calls from people who have claims against other professionals including accountants, appraisers, and doctors.

We will not bring a claim against a lawyer or other professional until we establish that it is legitimate and will, in our opinion, have a good chance of success. If there appears to be a fit and we believe the claim is legitimate, we will meet with the prospective client in order to:

  • Help our client understand more fully any professional malpractice claim they might have so they can decide whether or not they wish to pursue the claim
  • Commence legal proceedings
  • Make a complaint to the professional society where this is merited and the client instructs us to do so
  • Pursue other claims against third parties where this might be of assistance to the client


We work with lawyers who have a legal malpractice claim being brought against them by providing them with independent legal advice, which their insurer’s lawyer cannot give them. We also work with lawyers on behalf of a client of theirs that has a potential claim against another lawyer.

Our services for lawyers include:

  • Consulting
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Co-counsel