Amanda Tuff

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Amanda Tuff



Amanda Tuff

Legal Assistant

My two big passions are helping people and expressing myself creatively. When it came to choosing a career it was a tough decision. I came very close to moving to Vancouver to become a Special Effects Make-up Artist. At the end of the day, I chose to be a Legal Assistant because I wanted to be of service to people in a practical and tangible way.

I have been working at Poole Lawyers since the day I started my practicum and was delighted to join the firm full time upon its completion.

I am so pleased to be working with a team of kind-hearted, genuine and hardworking people dedicated to serving their clients.  It is an extra bonus that I can indulge my creative side with the wonderful art collection that inhabits the firm.  Not only do I get to do work I love, I get to do it surrounded by fantastic original art!

I am naturally a behind-the-scenes person who loves to handle the details such as proofreading documents, ensuring that information is correct, files are organized, and that any job is done well and completed on time. I have a bit of a reputation around the office as the “Queen of Affidavit of Records!”

In my off hours I enjoy watching movies, reading and spending time with my family.