Ian Carruthers

[email protected]


Barrister and Solicitor

I applied for law school because I had a desire to help people in a meaningful way. When I was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 2016, I recognized that I was being given the opportunity to do this, but I also identified it as a privilege. In order to make this type of meaningful difference, I would be exercising a great deal of responsibility over people’s interests. Because I have been given this privilege and responsibility, I, like my colleagues at Poole Lawyers, take my profession seriously and practice as ethically and professionally as possible.

Poole Lawyers is best known for working in the area of legal malpractice claims. There is a real imbalance between lawyers and clients, where the clients are very vulnerable. Fortunately most lawyers know how to handle that responsibly but there are a few that don’t.

I think we offer a solution to the world for people who are in a difficult situation even outside of malpractice — for example, someone with a great deal of power vs. someone with little or none. In situations where someone may think they have no remedies or rights, we can step in and say, you do have rights and we are going to fight for you.

Our approach is to look at the whole situation and person. We help clients to achieve a balance between maximizing their financial outcome, avoiding stress and unnecessary risk, and feeling they had a fair shot at justice. It’s important to the clients we take on that it’s acknowledged they have been wronged.

Understanding a client’s goals and their situation is essential to the work we do. A prospective client may ask us to act on their behalf, but it’s not something we move forward with if there are no damages or if after reviewing the file, it’s not in their best interests.

One of the critical aspects of our work is helping our clients to understand the big picture of trying to obtain damages, avoiding stress and obtaining a sense of justice. We help them identify a balance of those three elements. Litigation can be expensive, lengthy and time-consuming. For those clients who want to proceed, we advocate for them. For others who choose to avoid litigation, we help them to move on.

I’m most proud of the fact that we do stand up for the vulnerable and those that have been wronged.

In my life outside the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife and family and we enjoy making music together.


Educational and professional experience:

2002 – Completed a Bachelor of Music in Viola Performance at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario

2002-2004 – Performed throughout southwestern Ontario

2005-2012 – Performed and taught music privately in Calgary and interior BC, including teaching theory at Mount Royal University Conservatory

2008 – Completed a Master of Music in Composition at University of Calgary

2009-2012 – Worked for Canada Safeway Logistics

2012-2015 – Attended law school at the University of Alberta, graduating in the top 15% of my class; won the Clinton Ford Competitive Moot; volunteered with Student Legal Services (Criminal & Civil) and Pro Bono Students Canada

2015-2016 – Articled with Snyder & Associates in Edmonton

2016 – Admitted to the Bar in Alberta

2016-2018 – Continued as an Associate with Snyder & Associates – responsibilities included handling the firm’s collections department and precedents system and hiring students

September 2018 – Became an Associate with Poole Lawyers